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Architecture (and engineering) is one of the passions, along with the visual arts, that led to Newteen being founded. In this way, we develop several projects, mostly on their own initiative and not for profit, trying to project many of our values, objectives and mission into reality, but also work for clients, creating projects and solutions for their needs.



In the field of sport, we seek to develop solutions that significantly improve the daily life of athletes and clubs, betting on brands and products that bring something relevant and innovative to the market. Whenever possible, we try to support and patronize the amateur collectives, who are for us the maximum example of association and love of the gown.


Olympic Port

The Olympic Port is the oldest project at Newteen. Initiated in an amateur fashion in 2007, it has recently been integrated into our brand, now seeking a more in-depth development and practical application, using the collaboration and support of institutional partners of relevance.


Smart Life Cities

Smart Life Cities is a project that looks for urban problems and develops solutions for them, always trying to propose economical options that can be applied immediately, while developing solutions of greater scope for the future. This project seeks to work close to public or governmental institutions.