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Wavemood is a clothing brand that presents a concept of exclusivity to each customer. The commitment of the brand is to launch only one model of each size, ensuring customers who will not come across the street with someone dressed just like you, something that no other brand shows interest in doing. At Wavemood, the focus is on customer satisfaction, so your suggestions for new releases are always welcome.

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Inknote is a high-quality, durable office and artistic brand. After much research, we have been able to realize that all the premium brands of this type of products practice abusive prices, giving users appealing design but very reduced quality and durability. Inknote intends to change this paradigm without ever forgetting originality.

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Geeqs is our brand of computer equipment. In addition to components and peripherals, we also build computers with the best components on the market, in versions to play, work or simply common use, without compromising performance in any case. At Geeqs you can also find some refurbished products of high quality.

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