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Newteen Association

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Associação Inicia Actividade

Newteen Association

The Newteen Association is already in business. Registered as "Newteen Blue - Creativity and Innovation Association", as the name implies, it is a non-profit youth association that aims to encourage and support activities related to Arts, Creativity, Culture and Innovation.

At the base of the foundation was a team of ten young people, who already followed or supported our brand and who wanted to find a way to promote creative activity in a social and cooperative environment, something that until now our brand could not do officially given the absence of a non-profit institution duly formalized for that purpose.

When registering the association, the name "Newteen" was adopted, in order to make it more easily recognized and to highlight the partnership and cooperation that will exist between our brand and it.

The corporate bodies (Board, Fiscal Council and Board of the Meeting) were elected at the first General Meeting, each composed of three members. In the Direction we find Leonardo Ferreira as President, Daniela Oliveira as Treasurer and Susana Carraca as Secretary. On the table of the Assembly were elected Telmo Brandão as President and Nelson Sousa and Márcio Jesus as Secretaries. The Fiscal Council is chaired by Cristiana Ferreira and has João Martins and Hélder Fernandes as Secretary and Member, respectively.

The mandates have a duration of 4 years and, as long as the members so decide, there will be strict cooperation between our brand and the association, which we will support with material and logistical means whenever necessary.

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